Look: Minimal Sophistication

Hello my lovelies! Today’s post is about how you can style your white dress. I love wearing white and it works for any season and any occasion. A lot of people ask me how white can be styled. So I thought I should probably write about and show you as well.

minimal sophistication

Of course, there’s the all-white pristine look that’s very chic and modern but its not that easy to pull off and besides, haven’t we seen enough of it? Yeah, so that got me thinking as to how to build a look when wearing a white dress. The most important aspects of such a look in my opinion are the shoes and accessories- they can completely make or break your look.

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I always advice wearing heels with a white attire because white could make you look larger than you actually are and the best counter for that is adding height. You could also choose a pair of wedges if you aren’t comfortable in stilettoes.

onyx horizon
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For the accessories, don’t over do it. Just one good piece of jewelry can take you from humdrum to breathtaking. I’ve picked this beautiful neck piece. The metal and black offset the white dress on the upper half of the body. You could also opt for a metallic or black statement ring.

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Finally the bag! Its best to choose a white bag in this case. We don’t want too many colors in the look. This one though simple has a geometric pattern that makes it edgy.

How do you like wearing your white dress?



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