Lancôme-Dior-M.A.C Lipsticks: Comparison

Hello again! Hope you’re having a relaxing weekend. In my previous post I had mentioned about doing a comparison between some big brands of the beauty world. So today I keep my word and take you on a quick analysis that should help make your beauty decisions easier. (Waving my wand)


Today I will be comparing lipsticks from Lancôme, Dior and M.A.C on the basis of texture, durability, price and overall appearance and feel.

Lets begin with packaging. The most impressive is the Dior, followed by Lancôme and finally the M.A.C. which is more simple and no-nonsense in its design.

Next lets take a look at the color swatches.


The first one (from top) is the Dior Addict Extreme 476 Plaza.


DSC_0108 dior

It has a slight satin finish. The shape of the tip is a slanting slope which is fairly easy to apply. It has a decent texture and feel on the lips and is quite long-lasting. The color requires a double application for it to be more noticeable. A single application works for a no-makeup look.

On number two is the Lancôme 290 Poême.


DSC_0110 lancome

A matte finish lipstick, this one has a U-shaped tip that really gives a beautiful finish to the shape of the lips. It has a very natural look and works well with an Indian skin tone too! The texture is AMAZING! Although highly priced at $32 it is a worthy purchase if you can afford it. It lasts very long and also makes the lips look slightly fuller. I would rate it slightly higher than the Dior for its texture and overall look.

The last one is the M.A.C Mehr.

DSC_0096 DSC_0111 mac

The first thing that hits me about the M.A.C is its scent. This lipstick smells like a yummalicious chocolate bar!!! Other than that I don’t find much difference between this one and the Lancôme. The texture is great, creamy. Priced at $17, it is more affordable than Lancôme. So those on a budget (uh, not exactly a budget brand but it is the bridge between affordable and luxury) M.A.C is your brand.

What is your favorite lipstick brand? let me know in the comments!

Happy Sunday,





18 thoughts on “Lancôme-Dior-M.A.C Lipsticks: Comparison

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      1. Velvet Teddy appears to me to be actually a pretty universal shade – so that’s always a great go to! There are tons of shades tbh, most of mine are on the more pinkish mauve nude side hahahaha. But perhaps you’d like Faux, Modesty, or maybe even Twig. You may also like Taupe or Spirit – they’re a bit darker. And then Kinda Sexy is more neutral. I think it all depends on your shade of nude! But I hope you try out a ton – they’re all really great. And yes I hope to most definitely get the Dior Lacquer Stick and hopefully review it!


  2. I loved the Lancome lipstick the most! So pretty and really suits you!! And by the way, I know it is perfect for you, because I am an aspiring makeup artist!

    If you want to see some fabulous outfit pairings and fashion show reviews, you should click this link to my blog, view and come and follow me:

    I have the perfect clothes, shoes and bags to go with your perfect makeup. So chic and essential, you will wonder what you have been doing without it!


    1. Thanks Jessie! Would love to see your makeup tricks and hacks!! I’m not such a user of foundation or concealer. Would you suggest a way that I achieve a slight contoured look without these products? I’ve really been banging my head about it 😩

      (Follow Jessie’s blog- Check✔) 😁

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