Draping is the new Contouring?

Hey, beauties! In my post Kale x Gold I tried contouring using just blush, a technique called Draping, and I was quite happy with the results. I wanted to try making it more dramatic like we see on the Instagram posts of those high fashion models. I’m going to try a night look that would look amazing under those flashy lights at the clubs.

Tough ask? YES!! ..especially since I’m still very new to contouring.

Ok lets do this!


First, I apply a few drops of the Toni&Guy High Shine Serum. Its important to read the instructions before applying any serum. Some serums are to be used before styling your hair and some are used after to settle the frizzy loose hair. So I rub a small amount into my palm and apply it to the already styled hair. I did a tight pony (not a good hair day) since that sleek shiny look was on my mind.

The serum does its work alright. It does add a visible and noticeable shine provided you’ve used a sufficient amount of the product. As promised, the loose frizzy hair is controlled and kept in place so you get a clean look.


I then use a compact to even the skin tone and smoothen the surface for easier application of other products in this process. Lakmé Perfect Radiance is a very basic beginners compact. Not the best but since I already have it I’d rather use it up before buying a new one.


Next, we add some drama to the eyes which makes all the difference! The Lakmé Eyeconic does its job well and good. I make a thick stroke above the upper lash line and repeat the process for the waterline.


I use a slim brush to then slightly smudge the upper line to create a soft smoky effect.


Now for some mascara. The Magnum Barbie by Maybelline has a doll-up brush that is arched to fit the curves of your eyes. It covers well and defines the lashes instantly however don’t apply more than three coats as it gets clumpy.


DSC_0143 copy






Next for some blush to create that contoured look. I use a nice big round brush for this. The trick is to suck in your cheeks and work the blush on your cheek bone and slightly under as well. Draping requires two shades of blush- a lighter and a darker but here I’m using a single shade. (I’ll show you the trick in a bit) Don’t stop at the cheek; move your brush all the way up to your temple and slightly to your outer brow bone.


The lips could use some color, yes? I first apply a coat of Maybelline’s Barely Brown because I love the texture and shine. I then apply the Maybelline Pure Passion which is a maroon.

Now for the trick.

Dab a tiny amount of that dark maroon lipstick onto your cheek bone. Do this very carefully. Now blend it along the cheek bone with a brush or a finger. That’s it.

Get ready for those flashy lights!

I enjoyed experimenting and creating this look. I’d love to know your thoughts!! Tell me in the comments below.

Happy Weekend,






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