Welcome to SanahSharma.wordpress.com! A blog about the world of fashion, beauty, art, travel along with an insight into the creative oeuvres of the author.


As a designer I love experimenting with pattern cutting and have developed a technique called Planar Flux. It is a sustainable, innovative and aesthetically appealing method of design generation through pattern cutting and is part of the course material at Iowa State University, USA for Experimental Pattern Cutting. You can check out more about Planar Flux here.

I like questioning things so you could consider me a curious one. I love what I do and the day that changes, I’ll change what I do. Believing in yourself and following your heart is never a risk…it’s pure joy. And its not just reaching the goal that you should enjoy (’cause that has no guarantee 😛 )…so enjoy the journey/path you have chosen.

I’m a vegetarian. I barely ever cook but I like watching MasterChef. I love clothes and shoes and bags and rings and …ok you get it. And when I’m having a bad day I listen to music – best therapy ever!

Every day is a chance at life


Every night a rehearsal of death

So seize the day, my friend! 






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