The Stole Story

Hello there! Today's post is about my new found love for Indian handicrafts. Now, I've always liked them but I was never really fascinated probably because I saw it all around me. But this time was different. This time I wasn't seeing the regular run-of-the-mill stuff. I was feasting my eyes on extravagant, ornate and …

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My Favorite Artworks Can Be Yours!

Hello my lovelies! Its been a while, hasn't it? I really missed writing and posting but I was caught with some important work that had to be done. Okay so what's for today? Some good news! I finally put up my artwork for sale so you can now buy cool merchandise with my art on it!! …

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Ganesha (Color) – The Artist in Me #021

As I had mentioned in my earlier post Ganesha - The Artist in Me #020, I have added some color and texture to the drawing. If anyone wants a higher resolution image of the same, you can leave your e-mail as a comment or you could mail me (contact me) XOXO

Ganesha – The Artist in Me #020

Lord Ganesha I've attempted sketching Ganesha several times but never in such detail. I'm going to try to add some colour as well. Shall post that soon. xoxo

The Artist in Me #016

I was sorting some things from the attic when I found this - my batik painting! I was introduced to batik dyeing in design school and it was so much fun! Since batik is a traditional Indonesian dyeing technique, I decided that instead of doing a regular motif or pattern, I would do an artwork..a painting. …

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The Artist in Me #015

Remember aimlessly doodling on your book while talking over the phone/getting bored in history class? We've all done it and it just goes to show that there exists an artist in each one of us 🙂 I love pen art..the play of lines just by varying the pressure of the nib is absolutely stunning. How …

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The Artist in Me #011 – The Journey

They say an artist never dies because his body of work has the power to immortalize him. And this does not just hold true for those few legendary artists whose names define art, but in fact it is for every person who has that little crazy artist inside. Read More