The Artist in Me

They say an artist never dies because his body of work has the power to immortalize him. And this does not just hold true for those few legendary artists whose names define art, but in fact it is for every person who has that little crazy artist inside.

My journey into art began from the time I knew of crayons and the walls of my room were my canvas. I remember how my parents would persuade me to draw on a sheet of paper but of course I never paid heat to any such attempts of persuasion. A child’s mind knows no boundaries so why must the canvas be so small? My enthusiasm for creativity and art grew over time. In middle school I chose Arts and Crafts as an extra subject and I enjoyed those classes to such an extent that my art teacher offered to teach me after school as well. Unfortunately I couldn’t grab that opportunity as my parents weren’t in favor of it. I had to let go of many such opportunities only to realize later that not taking art classes could not prevent me from being an artist. And thus began my journey of bringing out the artist in me. Sure I failed miserably while attempting my first oil on canvas painting (at the age of 15) but that didn’t stop me from taking a fresh canvas and starting again. I didn’t give up because I knew that there was no teacher who was going motivate me…I was my own teacher and student. So I had to dust myself and get back on track and the slowly I began to create my own style and type of art. And today when I look back, I see an enormous change. Maybe I’m not the best but I’m pretty sure I did fine for a teenager who knew nothing much about art. The beauty about art is that it can’t be loathsome. No art is bad art; it’s just a matter of perspective.

Only once I went to college did I have proper illustration classes where my skills were further honed. I improved by leaps and bounds all thanks to my professor who not only is an immensely talented artist and illustrator but is also a very motivating and encouraging teacher.

It is this journey that makes art so very special to me. Knowing that I learnt something despite all the odds, simply because I had desired to be an artist. I decided to give life to the artist in me and even today my favorite form of relaxation is sketching.

That little light that had been impelled in the heart of a small girl burns bright today.



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